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The complete range of Elco Fan Assemblies and Fan Decks assembled in the UK

We stock various accessories, such as Fans, Guards, Capacitors, Bases, Shaft Adaptors and other items.  Just give us a call.


FHP Motors

We have been supplying OEM or Replacement motors for over 40 years, all from our

UK Manufacturing facility

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Regal Manufacturing Ltd

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Design, Manufacturing, assembling and supplying the Regal Products all from our UK Based Manufacturing Facility.

Supplying all over the world

Whether you are one of our OEM customer’s needing a specific purpose built motor or someone who requires a Replacement Motor then we are here for you.

From our factory in Gainsborough, England, we are able to manufacture small fractional horsepower electric motors.

With Regal Manufacturing a part of Regal Beloit Corporation, with manufacturing and distribution facilities all over the world, we are able to distribute the complete product range of Regal Beloit Electric Motors and products from our Gainsborough Facility.

We also stock a selection of Replacement motors that not only replace our own Regal Manufacturing motors but can also replace many of the small fractional horsepower motors currently in use.

Whether you require one motor or a thousand our Sales and Customer Service staff will be happy to help you and together with our Engineering Technical Department we will work with you in helping you to decide the right motor for your needs.

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Regal Manufacturing Ltd

For all your electric motor needs

One name

Multiple products

Regal Manufacturing Ltd

For all your electric motor needs