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The Gainsborough FactoryRegal Manufacturing Products Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regal Beloit Corporation of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA.

The Gainsborough factory in Lincolnshire, U.K., produces a wide range of fractional horsepower induction motors designed with the requirements of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and refrigeration industries in mind.

Formerly known as A.O. Smith Electrical Products (and MagneTek Universal Electric Ltd before that), the company has, over more than 37 years, acquired a worldwide reputation for high quality products, reliability of service, and flexibility of products.

Motors are custom built to users requirements, and following sampling and customer approval programmes, are built to order, but at competitive market prices.

Motors are available in either shaded pole, or permanent split capacitor versions, and are built in four separate frame sizes.

It is our policy to work closely with customers and their design staff to ensure that a 'custom-built' motor, tailored to meet their performance and physical requirements, is produced.

With many years experience and the benefit of continued motor development programmes, Regal Manufacturing Ltd, is in a strong position to offer help and advice in the design of new products in air movement and other applications.

The company welcomes such involvement with the industry it serves and will seek to strengthen its links with customers and clients the world over in its efforts to maintain and improve the high standard of service and product reliability for which it has become renowned.

Company Background:

    • 1942 Universal Electric Company was established by George & Ray Hoddy in Owosso, Michigan
    • 1969 sold by Hoddy family to ESB (Ray-o-Vac Exide)
    • 1974 Gainsborough factory established
    • 1976 ESB taken over by Inco Electro Energy
    • 1981 Management buyout of Universal Electric from Inco
    • 1986 taken over by Magnetek Universal Electric
    • 1999 taken over by A O Smith
    • 2011 taken over by Regal Beloit Corporation

Manufacturing motors under the Fasco branding our motors can be found:

    • Refrigeration Condenser fans
    • Air curtains
    • Food display cabinets
    • Warm air heating
    • Heat pumps
    • Hand dryers
    • De-humidifiers
    • Portable heaters
    • Drinks coolers
    • Kitchen fans
    • Chillers
    • Garage door openers
    • Air cleaners
    • Small business machines
    • Laboratory ovens
    • Blowers

Company Details:

Factory Location
Marshall Way, Heapham Rd Ind. Est., Gainsborough, Lincs DN21 1XU. UK

Registered Office
One New Change, London EC4M 9AF

Registered No.516559 England

(c)2016 - Regal Manufacturing Ltd, Marshall Way, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1XU,
Tel : +44 1427 614141 / +44 1427 800080.

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