As Regal Manufacturing UK we are able to manufacture and support you all over Europe.


As part of Regal we are able to offer many more services and products.

Regal is a leading manufacturer of electrical and mechanical motion control products, serving an expansive array of markets from heavy industry to high technology. Regal's manufacturing and service facilities are located worldwide





One Regal, Many Brands, Many products.


Regal Beloit corporate site


The new branding for our American A.O. Smith Motors




Durst Gear Drives & Transmissions


Elco UK



UK site for the new branding of A.O. Smith Europe Motors(Regal Manufacturing Ltd)

Fasco - USA



Genteq Capacitors


Leesen Electric Motors


Lincoln Motors


Marathon Electric


Marathon Electric Generators


Mastergear USA


Rotor UK

Rotor BV Unico - USA




Unico - UK

Unico - USA

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